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Circle Manager FAQs

How do I create a circle for my group?

A: Creating a circle is quick and easy. When creating your free account, select “I want to manage my group.” Choose the circle type you would like to create (i.e. Class, PTA, Scouts, Sports, School, Other). Name your circle. Upload a circle logo or skip. That’s it! Check out our Welcome Guide for a tour of the site.

You can also create as many new circles as you’d like by simply clicking on “+ New Circle” in the left navigation bar when you are logged into the site.

How do I invite members to my circle?

A: There are two ways you can invite members to your circle:

(1) Invite members via “Manager Tools” in the left navigation bar under the “Invites tab.” You can invite members by: a) entering their email addresses, b) adding your Gmail and/or Yahoo contacts, c) upload a csv spreadsheet.

(2) Click on the “Generate invite code.” Share this unique six-letter/number combination with those you would like to join your circle.

How can I see the status of invitations to the circle?

A: Click on “Manager Tools” in the left navigation bar. Click on the second tab from the left “Members.” You will see a complete view of all the members you’ve invited and their status (e.g. pending, accepted, joined via invite code).

In this tab, you can also send reminder invitations to pending members by clicking on the airplane icon next to their name. Alternatively, you can send bulk reminders to all those that are pending by clicking on “Remind All.”

You can also edit and/or delete members in this tab.

How do I designate another person as a circle manager?

A: There are two ways you can designate someone as a circle manager.

(1) When inviting people to your circle, instead of entering their email in the “Add people as circle members,” enter their email into the “Add people as circle managers” field.

(2) In the “Members” tab, in the column “Manager” click on the empty box next to the individuals you would like to designate as managers.

Can I edit my circle settings?

A: Yes, you can edit your circle by clicking on “Manager’s Tools,” then “Settings.” In this tab you can rename your circle, change your circle type, and upload a circle icon. You can also change specific circle defaults (e.g. do not allow members to share content with the circle).

How do I publish new content to my circle?

A: You can create new content to share with your circle by clicking on “+ New post” in the left navigation bar. There are five different types of content you can share: (1) Post (an announcement or any content that is not time-bound; (2) Event; (3) Task (an action you would like your members to complete by a certain date e.g. permission slip); (4) Photos; and (5) Files. Select the circle in which you would like to publish content and select the type of content you would like to create. Click “Share” to publish to circle.

Can I publish my content at a later time?

A: You have many options for publishing content: (1) Save as draft - allows you to save content and publish it later; (2) Share – publishes content immediately to the newsfeed and by default will be included in the 5pm Daily Digest email; (3) other sharing options allows you to customize when content will be shown to members via email (e.g. instant delivery, daily digest on scheduled date, etc.)

How do I access my saved drafts?

A: You can access your saved drafts by clicking on “Manager’s Tools” in the left navigation bar and by clicking on “Drafts” second from the right. You can edit your drafts and publish, or delete them.

How do I send a private message to an individual member?

A: You can create a private message with another member of the circle by clicking on “Messages” in the left navigation bar. Then, click on “+ New Message” and select the member you wish to message. The member you message will receive an email notification about your message and can log in and respond. The conversation is only visible to you and the member.

How can I use SimplyCircle to ask for volunteers and manage sign-ups?

A: You can request volunteers for an event (e.g. chaperones on a field trip) or volunteers to bring items (e.g. class potluck). When creating an event or task click on “Request Volunteers” and/or “Request to bring items or food” and designate how many volunteers/items you would like.

Members can sign-up to volunteer or you can assign volunteer opportunities to individual members.

What kinds of communication will members receive from SimplyCircle?

A: Members can potentially receive six different types of email communication: (1) Email invitation – sent one time; (2) Daily Digest -email summary of new posts sent at 5pm local time (3) Weekly planner - email about the upcoming week’s calendar sent on Sunday at 6am; (4) Morning reminders – email about today’s calendar sent at 6am local time; (5) Content published instant delivery (6) Private messages.

Any SimplyCircle user can change their email preferences at any time by logging into their account, clicking on their name and “Settings.” In the tab “Email preferences” users can update the type of communication they would like to receive.

Is there an iPhone or Android app for SimplyCircle?

A: Yes, the iphone app can be downloaded for free on the App store and the android app can be downloaded for free on Google Play.