The number pi is never-ending, and so is the fun that students can have learning about this magical number. Here are 11 great educational activities for students in Middle School and High School (grades 6-12).


Turn Pi into Music

This experiment attempts to convert the first 10,000 digits of pi into a musical sequence. See how far your classroom can go!

Source: www.avoision.com


Pi Day Sudoku Challenge

Your students will have fun solving this Pi Day version of Sudoku. Download the free PDF version with rules.

Source: www.brainfreezepuzzles.com


Making a Pi Necklace

After learning the basics of pi, students make a necklace that never really ends.

Source: www.mathforum.org


Learn about Pi with Max and Morty

This short, animated video features Apperson Prep’s Max and Morty. In this episode, Max learns about all about Pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Source: AppersonPrep on YouTube


Pi Day Songs….for Real!

These fun (and geeky!) songs will certainly bring out the best in your students.

Source: www.mathforum.org


Pi Day Activities for grades K-12

A comprehensive guide for activities for all grade levels to celebrate Pi Day.

Source: District of Philadelphia


American pi

By Lawrence Mark Lesser

A really fun song written to the tune of Don McLean’s Bye Bye Miss American Pie. It’s sure to please your students, especially if someone knows the accompanying guitar piece.

Source: www.math.utep.edu


pi Day Trivia

Can’t get enough trivia? Here’s a challenging Pi Day trivia game….perfect for a classroom competition.

Source: www.mathforum.org


Pi Fight

This online activity demonstrates how using radians and degrees can affect Okta’s encounter with a flying pie. Recommended for Grades 6+

Source: Illuminations


Pi Day Pie Problems FREEBIE

This free download contains 5 fun pie-themed Pi Day word problems that require students to find the circumference and the area.

Source: www.teacherspayteachers.com


National Pi Day Scavenger Hunt

Students solve geometry problems focused on the circumference and area of a circle to find answers in terms of Pi. As students progress through the Scavenger Hunt, they collect answers in terms of Pi on each of their pieces of a pie (which serves as their answer sheet). The Scavenger Hunt is designed in a way that different groups can progress through the hunt with different starting problems.

Though this will cost you $1.50 to download, it is well worth the investment.

Source: www.teacherspayteachers.com